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Why your business shouldn’t operate without a monitored backup system in place

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Over the years we’ve had customers come to us with many problems ranging from not so serious issues like difficulty connecting to a printer, to large scale problems like viruses, or probably the worst and most costly, a failed hard drive. 

If your laptop or computer’s hard drive fails, even if you have your files and folders backed up to cloud storage, your entire set up is lost.  Data recovery is an expensive and often time-consuming process.  If your hard drive is damaged beyond repair, not only is there the cost of data recovery, a new hard drive (or possibly a new computer or laptop depending on how severe the problem is), but then there’s also the cost of setting up the new hard drive the same way you had everything before – not just your files and folders, but your programmes and applications too.  When you’re running a business and your computer or laptop is down, every minute is time and money wasted.

We’ve seen hard drive failures have a serious impact on a business many times, and of course we have our own business to protect, too.  This is why we offer a monitored backup and recovery system that creates routine backups of any computer or laptop (or server) and can be used to restore those backups when necessary. 

The backups are encrypted, and we monitor the system to ensure your backups are always available when you need them.  If your laptop or computer breaks and can’t be fixed, your backup can be reinstated onto an entirely new laptop or computer. 

The backups are stored on a USB external hard drive that you have access to at all times. (For some, a NAS drive or server might be a better option to store backup data). Backups are scheduled to run at a time that does not interfere with your work (e.g. in the middle of the night) and can be set to back up incrementally so that they do not take as long.

Because our backup system is monitored, if there is any problem with your backup at any time we will notify you and make any necessary changes to rectify the problem free of charge.

Data recovery prices begin from around £185 and are usually charged even if the recovery is unsuccessful.  Add on to this the cost of a new drive, or worse a new laptop or computer, plus the set up – the price soon spirals out of control, whilst you’re also losing valuable working time whilst your device is broken. 

Any hard drive can fail at any time, but by having a monitored backup in place you’re actively taking steps to prepare for any problem that might arise, controlling your IT costs and ensuring your business doesn’t suffer from any down time, for only £4.50 + VAT a month with our monitored backup system.

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