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What to look for in a web hosting provider and the types of web hosting available

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If your website is like your digital shop window, good web hosting can mean the difference between the shutter down over that window or shutter up.  Your website is a place to build trust with your customers and potential customers, to showcase your goods and services and to act as a portal to contact you, to read reviews and so on.

If your web hosting is unreliable, and your site goes down, all of that goes down with it.  This can be very costly for both product and service-based businesses alike, so it’s essential to choose a good web hosting provider.

When looking for a web hosting provider, think about the following:

  1. Do they guarantee at least 99% uptime?
  2. How many years have they been in the industry for?
  3. Does the company offer support tailored to you?
  4. Does the company offer related products such as email hosting, security and back up services so that you can meet all your needs in one place?
  5. Can the hosting be scaled up as your business and website needs grow?

There are three types of web hosting to choose from:

  1. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is suitable for most small businesses with a static or portfolio style website – it’s fast, reliable, secure and flexible and upgrades seamlessly as your business grows.

  1. VPS

A virtual private server is best suited to e-commerce websites or websites hosting large amounts of images and videos.

  1. Dedicated

A dedicated server is a server entirely allocated to and controlled by you, and generally required for very large e-commerce websites or high-speed database access.

So that’s back end web hosting, but what about the side of web hosting that’s visible to your customers, the part that’s concerned with security?

We’ll be covering all that and more in our upcoming IT Security Guide, which contains up to date information on cyber security & data protection from email threats to GDPR.

Our free, comprehensive guide to cyber security will be available for download via email in the new year.

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