Small Business IT Support


If you run a small or home office business, your IT support needs will be different than a larger enterprise.

In our experience what small businesses need from their IT support provider above all else is value for money, trustworthiness, and reliability.

We are confident that we can meet and exceed those requirements.

When it comes to value for money, our managed IT services for small businesses are unbeatable. We can offer you a comprehensive range of IT services from just £25 ex vat per month. This includes cloud storage and productivity tools, Exchange email hosting, security software, and a monitored backup/recovery system.

These all come with free support provided in-house by Panther Business IT Services.

And we don’t just use whichever solutions make the best margins for us. Our years of experience in providing IT support for small businesses have allowed us to experience both the best and worst of the different IT solutions on the market. As a result we only offer the best. And because we offer free support for our services, it’s important for us that everything works as intended.

We currently support many small businesses, covering a very wide range of different industries. Our clients range from professionals and freelancers working from home, to small office-based businesses with multiple employees, retail shops, and manufacturing businesses.

The reliability of our IT services and the excellent relationships we have built with our clients mean they can rely on us to help in any circumstance.

How much does small business IT support cost?

We have an hourly rate of £80 ex vat per hour, and many of our small business clients find that due to the reliability of our managed IT services, they very rarely need to pay us for ad-hoc IT support.

But if you would prefer the security of a planned budget, we offer a general IT support contract for £25 ex vat per month per computer and £5 ex vat per month for mobile devices.

But we don’t only put solutions in place to avoid IT problems and reduce IT support costs. We also care about providing IT services which empower small businesses to grow, and truly benefit from their IT solutions. At Panther we consider avoiding problems to be the very least we can help with. We want to make sure our clients can compete with anyone. Our IT services can help your small business with efficiently managing data, maintaining customer relationships, effectively communicating and presenting data, bookkeeping, time management and much more. To see all the features of our IT services for small businesses, please see below.

And if you would like to receive our free IT health checklist, which includes useful descriptions of all the features in this package, please sign up here to receive your copy today.

We can provide IT support for small businesses on-site, remotely, or over the phone to suit your needs. We have many satisfied clients who can supply references, and we’re always happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your requirements, so please get in touch.

Small Business IT Support & Services

Hourly IT Support


Per hour (ex vat)
  • Computer repairs and upgrades
  • PC and Mac troubleshooting
  • Virus removal and malware remediation *1
  • Data recovery and migration *2
  • Computer system deployment and maintenance
  • Network deployment and maintenance
  • Other general IT support for PCs, Macs and Mobile devices
  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • GDPR and PCI:DSS Consultancy

IT Support Contract


Per computer per month (ex vat)
  • Covers all general IT support, training, and setup costs
  • Ensure a predictable IT support budget no matter what happens
  • Addons:

  • Mobile device support (iOS, Android) for £5 ex vat per device per month

*1 – Free with our security software and solutions. *2 – Free with our monitored backup and recovery systems.

*3 – If you need to cover more than 1 computer for each user, additional device licenses are available for £6.65 ex vat per month.

*4 – If you need to cover more than 1 computer for each user, additional device licenses are available for £4.50 ex vat per month.

Please get in touch for more information