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Security Alert for Black Friday and Christmas Shoppers

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Fraudsters and hackers are increasingly becoming more active over periods when more users are online.

Frantic buying, the last minute rush and pressure to make faster purchases all takes its' toll on the way we behave online, making users more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Businesses can help their customers through this by:

  1. By auditing your website for vulnerabilities, going through all stages of checkout to look for anything unusual.
  2. By warning them about phishing scams and how to recognise fake emails.
  3. By encouraging them to add extra levels of security to their banking.
  4. By encouraging them to use reputable security software on their devices.
  5. By making your employees aware that fraudsters and hackers are particularly active during busy e-commerce periods, and to be proactive in recognising any strange activity.

And of course, by ensuring your own security software is up to date.

At Panther we only provide security software & solutions that we use and trust.

We also offer Cyber Essentials certification, a Government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

Prevention is key with cyber attacks, by simply following the precautions listed above you can ensure your customers will be buying in safety during the holiday period.

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