Remote IT Support for Businesses

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Small Business IT Support

One of the most useful tools for IT support providers is remote access support. Modern solutions such as Logmein and Teamviewer make remote support incredibly easy for both technicians and end-users. However, this incredible level of convenience does require increased vigilance.

Your business could have the best security software, the best network security and firewalls, the most secure desktop environment, but if a user allows the wrong person access to their computer voluntarily, all of those security measures count for nothing.

Once a scammer initiates a remote connection, they will typically disable any security software, install a trojan, keylogger, or ransomware, and then extort money to fix the problem they caused.

There are two solutions to this, one technical, and one procedural. The technical solution is to install security software in such a way that it can’t be turned off, or to configure the end user desktop environment in such a way that they don’t have administrator privileges.

This means that even if the computer is accessed by someone with bad intentions, they won’t be able to install anything or make any other undesirable changes. This also means the user won’t be able to install anything themselves, which has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

These technical solutions are useful for some organisations. The benefits are that you don’t have to worry about what individual users are doing, and there is less pressure on them not to make a mistake. This also applies to things like opening an infected email attachment. If the user doesn’t have administrator privileges, then neither does any other person (or any other software) that shouldn’t be making changes.

However, these technical restrictions aren’t always ideal for everyone. Many businesses allow their staff to bring their own device to work (BYOD). This lowers costs and offers greater flexibility. But if each user has their own device, it’s not practical to deny them administrator privileges on their own computer. It’s also not a good solution for people working from home or for businesses with less than 5 users.

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