Increase your privacy online by checking your browser options

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With new GDPR legislation in place as of this year, users now have more control than ever over their online privacy, not just on a per website basis, but also from the web browser you use on your own devices.

This article from Wired discusses how Firefox's new browser will stop brands from following your activity through your web browser.  If you've ever visited a website to buy something but not completed your purchase and then subsequently seen an advert for that item on every site you visit afterwards, you'll know just how frustrating it can be to feel "followed" by brands.  The good news is, that will no longer happen with Firefox's new browser.

Wired says:

"Future versions of Firefox will automatically block tracking codes placed by so-called third parties, advertisers or other firms that are not the website publisher; users won’t need to take any additional action.
Firefox already allows users to block tracking altogether, but the feature isn't switched on by default unless you open a "Private Browsing" session. The new features are more granular and switched on by default."

So this means not only will those annoying ads no longer chase you around the web, but more importantly companies will no longer be able to collect data about your browsing habits, ensuring your time online is as private as it should be.

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