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How to keep on top of your business IT support costs

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Business IT support costs can be confusing, and often we find customers are either paying for more than they need, or nothing at all.

Paying more than you need to

IT support contracts can vary dramatically, and often don’t clearly explain what it is that you’re paying for.

Your business IT support costs don’t have to be extortionate, which is why we offer an IT support contract for £25 ex vat per computer per month for PCs and Macs, and £5 ex vat per month for mobile devices.

Our priority is to set everything up correctly from the start in order to minimise the chance of any IT problems. We put many safety nets in place to ensure you can carry on working seamlessly even in the event of an IT problem.

Alternatively we charge £80 ex vat per hour for ad-hoc business IT support.

Paying for nothing at all

We’ve all been there – we think we don’t need to take out cover for our mobile phones, only for them to get wet and stop working a few months after we’ve purchased them.

When you’re running a business and money is tight, it can be tempting to cut costs in any way possible, and we often see this happen with business IT support costs.

We provide specific solutions that prevent unexpected business IT support costs, meaning you can budget your IT spend without worrying about things going wrong.

Did you know that a single hard drive data recovery job starts at £185 ex vat?

Our monitored back up and recovery system which costs just £4.50 ex vat per month not only means you’ll never have to pay for data recovery, but it also saves time and additional business IT support costs when setting up a new computer.

Understanding your business’s IT needs

We’ve put together a four page IT Health Checklist to help your business identify areas of your current IT set up which need improvement, and to provide an easy way to track your progress towards and ideal IT set up.

Get the checklist here.

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