How cloud storage can reduce risk and increase team productivity

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A while back we looked at why cloud storage is better than an office server.

Time and time again, we meet with SME owners who have an onsite server with no cloud storage solution in place.  Usually SME owners explain to us that

  1. Their office is secure and will never be broken into.
  2. Their staff are office based so they’ll never need anything other than to remote connect into the server.

But we’ve all been there or heard of harrowing tales from a colleague or friend – the office above theirs was having a new kitchen fitted and a burst pipe caused a flood into the office below, putting the server and computers out of action for days, if not weeks.  Their backups were also onsite too, and therefore also damaged in the flood, rendering them useless.    

Or you’re in a meeting and you urgently need to be able to email over a document, or even better pull up a presentation on your phone to make your sale or help with your pitch – but you can’t because you can’t remotely access the office server from your phone, or your colleague back in the office has got the document open and you can’t access it.

Servers are fantastic when they’re working, but expensive and waste a lot of valuable time when they’re not.

With cloud storage you have the option to share data with external stakeholders, without the need and frustration of having to send large files over email, where your data could pose a security risk. 

With cloud storage you can control data access with employees – rather than just password protecting documents you can have entire folders designated to certain staff or teams.

Both security and productivity are better with cloud storage rather than an office server. 

Office flooded? Not the end of the world if your staff can still access their work via cloud storage. 

Office broken into and your server stolen or damaged?  Not a problem if you have cloud storage set up. 

Staff unable to get into the office due to transport issues?  Not a problem if they can access their work via cloud storage. 

According to CIPHR “remote workers regard themselves as more productive: home workers rated their productivity at 7.7 out of 10. Those working in open-plan offices rated their productivity at an average of 6.5 out of 10.”

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