Monitored Backup & Recovery Systems


What is a monitored backup system and how can it benefit my business?

Backup systems are essential to avoid losing data, but also to avoid unnecessary downtime and costs in the event of a problem. Simply put, a good backup system can mean the difference between days of lost productivity and a speedy return to business as usual. With advanced features and daily monitoring, our system ensures you can rely on that all important backup when you need it.

Please see below for a list of features & pricing.

Total Recall

Unlike most other solutions, our monitored backup system doesn’t just backup your data, but the entire state of every endpoint or server.

That includes the operating system, all software, all settings and customisation, all files, and every last detail of the machine.

This gives our system incredible flexibility. If you just need to recover files, that’s easy.  And if you need to recover the entire state of a machine, even on to dissimilar hardware in the event of a catastrophic failure, that’s easy too.

If an endpoint or server fails, there’s no need to spend time downloading files or reinstalling everything, which could be costly, impractical or even impossible.  Instead the entire machine can simply be cloned from an existing backup.

This is particularly important for:

  1.  Computers and servers which can’t be down for long due to potential loss of earnings/productivity
  2.  Computers and servers with complex or hard to replicate configurations.

The Ultimate Safety Net

Our backup system doesn’t just safeguard your data and productivity, it’s also a vital layer in our security solutions. Our backup system is hardened against ransomware tampering, as well as being password protected and encrypted.

It doesn’t matter what the situation, from hardware failure to malicious attack, our monitored backup systems provide the best defence.

We can also help advise on the best retention and removal policies to protect your business and ensure compliance with GDPR and other data protection and management standards.

There When You Need It

The most important factor for any backup system is reliability. This can be difficult to guarantee in a working environment. Devices get unplugged, moved or go missing. Configurations change, employees come and go. Networks drop out, new systems are installed. The worst part about all this change, is that it often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. And even if nothing physically changes, occasionally backups fail or become corrupted, and backup storage devices break down.

Our backup system is different because we proactively monitor it. There is little solace in fixing a broken backup system after the backup was needed. So if there is any problem with your backups, we will notify you and resolve the problem immediately, ensuring that when called upon, a complete, up to date, and working backup is always available to you.

How is the system run, is Panther dependable?

Backups can be run at any time to suit your organisation, and as frequently as you deem necessary. Typically this might be once per day in the early hours of the morning. We monitor you backups for integrity, performance and consistency using an online reporting system.

To run the backup system you need a perpetual software licence for each endpoint or server to be backed up, and somewhere to store the backups (costs detailed below).

A key advantage of our backup system is that although we set it up and monitor it for you, the backups can always be accessed and recovered by anyone you choose, so you will always have total control over your data.

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Features & Pricing

Monitored Backup & Recovery Systems The Ultimate Safety Net


pricing per machine, monthly (ex vat)
  • Automated scheduled backups of any machine
  • Complete backups featuring all files, folders, data, software, customisation settings & operating systems
  • Incredibly flexible and fast restoration options
  • Restore individual data or entire systems, even to dissimilar hardware
  • Proactively monitored for integrity, performance and consistency
  • Issues resolved before it’s too late
  • Password protected & encrypted backups
  • Hardened against infection & ransomware attacks
  • Supports all Windows, Mac & server platforms

Requires a one-off purchase of £48.50 ex VAT per endpoint or server to be backed up. Requires a storage medium for backups (e.g server space, internal or external hard drive). We can advise before purchase or installation.

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