Our commitment to you.

  • To put you first.

    Being an MSP is as much about supporting people as it is about supporting computer systems.

  • To offer only the best IT solutions available.

    Backed by the most reliable technology suppliers. We routinely benchmark our solutions to make sure they excel in every way.

  • To provide exceptional service.

    We strive to be flexible and responsive, whilst also remaining vigilant about security and focused on the details.

  • To contribute to your business.

    We want to help you further your business goals through increased efficiency, and by driving growth through new opportunities.

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A word from our technical director.

We founded Panther Business IT Services because we wanted to combine our values of exceptional customer service with our resolve to provide only the very best IT solutions available. I am very proud to say that we've achieved this and more.

Recently we've made a huge leap with our in-house technology, skills, and processes. These developments, combined with our continued unwavering attention to detail, mean we're now offering an even better service for our clients than ever before.