Why we’re different

Panther Business IT Services Ltd is an MSP, or managed service provider. That means we do more than just business IT support. Our primary focus is on providing managed IT services and solutions which reduce the need for business IT support, whilst also increasing productivity, protecting your data, minimising costs and downtime, and ensuring regulatory compliance at the same time.

What makes Panther different to most other MSP’s (managed service providers), is that every solution we offer has been specifically chosen and tailored as a result of our experiences, both positive and negative. We don’t simply offer whichever solutions make us the best margin or are the most convenient for us to provide. We insist on using only the very best solutions available, and we offer all ongoing support and maintenance for free.

Unlike a lot of other MSP’s, we don’t aim to profit from our customer’s IT problems. As we provide free support for all our business IT services, it’s vital for us that everything we put in place is absolutely reliable. So if things are working well for our customers, they are working well for us. This ensures that our goals are aligned with those of our customers.

And we don’t only care about reliability. Our services and solutions are designed to help you get more work done, stay secure, and offer superior value.

For increased productivity we leverage the immense power of the cloud to allow you to access the data you need instantaneously from anywhere, collaborate with team members, manage and track projects, and communicate with customers efficiently.

For increased security we offer a comprehensive web of solutions, comprising of multiple safety nets to stop viruses, malware and intrusions, but also to protect, manage, and ensure the availability of your valuable data in all situations and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

Another cornerstone of our activities is taking the uncertainty out of the recovery process when things go wrong. Computers and servers occasionally fail, but you can’t afford excessive downtime. That’s where our backup systems come in. We put multiple safety nets in place to make sure you can get up and running again quickly in the event of any problem. And as with everything we do, it provides exceptional value, whilst also forming part of a wider infrastructure of solutions that give you the peace of mind that no matter what happens, there is a clear and efficient path to recovery.

We only have a small team, because we only need a small team. Instead of trying to grow a business centred around our customers having IT problems, we’ve taken a different approach by minimising the amount of IT problems faced by our customers. We also make sure that our solutions are very easy to use. As a result, most of the support requests we receive are for simple admin changes, such as changing email addresses or helping to deploy new users.

We also offer other services such as computer/hardware sales, regular business IT support, and consultation services covering everything from office network setups to development project management. So whether you need a full range of business IT services or just a simple computer repair, we’re sure we can help.

Panther Business IT Services Ltd are also happy to offer a consultation to help you assess the viability of all our solutions. We can conduct an audit of any network, security, and IT infrastructure already in place so you can make sure our solutions are the right fit for your business.

We would love to introduce you to a world of great value IT solutions which simply work as intended, so please get in touch and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Panther Business IT Services Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales 
Company Number: 10050883 Registered Office:
9 Saville Place, 65 Victoria Street
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