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3 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is Better Than An Office Server

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“The Cloud” is a term that’s thrown around very loosely now, but simply refers to any online storage.  It’s a simple, efficient way to store your files and here we look at three reasons why it’s better than an expensive, complicated server.

  1. Easily access your files from anywhere. With cloud storage you can access your files on any device, from any location.  With a server, you’re limited to access only when you are in the office, or from a VPN, which doesn’t work everywhere.  Setting up server access from mobile devices is even more complicated.
  1. With cloud storage you can collaborate on files from anywhere. With a server, if you loose connection to the server, you’ll lose connection to your file.  Cloud storage enables you to keep working even if you lose connection and ensures you can synchronise your changes later on.
  1. If you have complicated file permission management needs but don’t know how to put them into place, cloud storage will enable you to easily manage file access and sharing, meaning you can give access to team members or collaborators easily, and take it away just as easily to ensure files remain secure once a project is finished. No more emailing large attachments, you can simply send a link to your cloud storage file.

Cloud Storage will completely revolutionise the way you work, either on your own or as a team.  The best part is that it’s very easy to set up.  If you’d like to find out more about our Cloud Storage & Team Productivity Services, please click here to find out more.

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