Computer Repair & IT Support in Bracknell

Panther Business IT Services Ltd are pleased to offer computer repair & IT support in Bracknell. 

Our team have over 30 years of combined experience dealing with every different platform, operating system and IT support requirement imaginable.

However our main focus is on providing the best IT services to make sure that you don’t need our computer repair & IT support in Bracknell at all.

Our great value IT services can cover most of your IT support requirements. And, as we offer completely free support for all our services, we can in many cases cover most of your ongoing IT support requirements for free!

When do we charge for computer repair & IT support in Bracknell?

The following IT support in Bracknell may not be covered by our managed IT services and is chargeable at £60 per hour ex vat.

  • New PC and Mac setup
  • New network setup
  • New printers and peripherals setup
  • Data migration
  • Data recovery
  • Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac, configuring and troubleshooting
  • Networks, configuring and troubleshooting
  • Printers and peripherals, configuring and troubleshooting
  • Computer and hardware repairs (PC & Mac)
  • Computer and hardware upgrades
  • Any on-site or remote IT support for PCs, Macs and Mobile devices not covered by our subscription services

We also sell new PC’s, printers, networking equipment and other hardware at competitive prices.

When can we provide free IT support in Bracknell?

We are pleased to offer free IT support in Bracknell for all our managed IT services.

We are able to provide free IT support in Bracknell for our managed services, as our business is founded on the principle that if you have the very best solutions in place, they won’t go wrong.

It really is as simple as that. We prefer to have satisfied customers who don’t experience constant IT problems, and then provide free IT support in Bracknell for the extremely rare occasions that there is a problem, rather than have customers using sub standard IT solutions and then charging for a support contract.

We offer the following managed IT services in Bracknell:

Our terms for computer repair & IT support in Bracknell

Our managed IT services can run on almost any system, and we are happy to provide a free IT audit in advance of setup to ensure compatibility.

However we only offer our chargeable computer repair & IT support services in Bracknell if we have either supplied the hardware and/or conducted the original setup.

This is absolutely crucial for us, as we want to be able to help, and to take full responsibility when something goes wrong. If we don’t know the details of the original setup, if we don’t have any confidence in the hardware or our ability to fix it, and if we believe that we are only providing a temporary solution to a problem which will reoccur, it’s not possible for us to guarantee the results.

So what’s the next step for computer repair & IT support in Bracknell?

We would love to introduce your business to a range of IT services which simply work as intended.

We would be delighted to discuss your IT support requirements and assess your current IT environment in order to determine whether our services would be a good fit for you.

We always aim to offer impartial advice, so if our services aren’t right for you, we would rather discover that in the course of a discussion or IT audit and point you in the direction of something better for you.

We have many satisfied customers who can supply references, and we would be happy to answer any questions about our services and discuss how they could benefit your business.

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